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The Home Tutors are those Tutors who visit their home and teach them. Some students themselves visit the home of Tutor for better interaction. In metros like Bangalore some teachers visit the home of students, or otherwise some students in group visit the home of tutor.

Our rate for home tutors are as following: For Nursery to Class 10 - Rupees 5000 per month. From 11th to graduation -Rupees 6000 per month. The numbers of contact hours has to be mutually decided by parents and teacher. But just for guideline, in senior classes there would be 2 one hour classes in a week. The tutor need to pay us Rupees 200 per student after reciieving payment from parent by 5th of each month. The parents are requested to clear the dues of teacher maximum by 4th of each month.


Tutor Details

We have science tutor, physics tutor, chemistry tutor, maths tutor, biology tutor, economics tutor and commerce tutor

We also have social studies tutor, tutor for iitjee, tutor for neet, tutor for medical entrance exams.

Tutor Qualifiation

The Tutors have been tested in the following qualifications:

  • Graduates or Engineers
  • Sharp
  • Caring

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August 1st, 2019

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